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3 Disc Collector's Edition
Trapshooting with Frank Little

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"Trapshooting with Frank Little"

a 3-Disc Collector's Edition of Frank Little's Legendary Trapshooting Clinics:

"Shooting Singles and Handicap" covers the right gun, bore, choke, rib, comb, gun grip and point of impact; Achieving the right gun fit; how to handle flinching; developing the right mental attitude; where to hold on each post; proper gun & body movement; using the right leads; how to handle high, low & variable targets; determining your master eye; building confidence, the right "sight picture"; foot positions for each post; learning self-analysis and advice for one & two-eyed shooters.

"Doubles Shooting" uses excellent visual demonstrations to teach you to win at doubles, like: the right guns, chokes, ribs, triggers, ammo, beads and point-of-impact; where to hold on each post; how to handle windy days and different target settings; how to control flinching; recoil reduction; first & second-shot risks; which target to shoot first at each post; how fast to shoot; correct eye & gun movement; eye exercises; the importance of squad pace; mental preparation and foot positions for each post.

"Frank Little's One-Eyed Shooting" is just for one-eyed shooters! This video will show you how with tips like: determining your master eye; keeping both eyes open; retaining peripheral vision; which shoulder to use; gun hold points; eliminating blind spots; lining up the beads by 'feel'; overcoming 'double vision'; proper gun and eye movement; avoiding the tendency to aim; preventing head lifting; dealing with high and low targets; exploding the 'depth perception' myth; foot positions for each post and shooting doubles.



Add Frank's Famous Book
DVD and Book Bundle

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The Little Trapshooting Book
ISBN 0925-12-02-5

$19.95(US) +$6.00 S&H


"The Little Trapshooting Book"

"The Little Trapshooting Book" is packed with knowledge from one of the greatest trapshooters of all time. All-American and Olympic shooters have benefited from his coaching, and now you will too! Frank Little was one of the most-consistent winners in the history of the A.T.A. If you were never able to attend one of Frank's clinics or never got a chance to watch him shoot, you can still learn from the champions of champions. This book will tell you what is important (and what is not) in your shooting and how to develop a winning style and attitude, as well as providing information on the various shotgun games, the options and all types of equipment.


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